RAOC closed the Sheltered Workshop in April of 2017 and is transitioning the individuals in that program to community-based activities and employment, if desired. RAOC is developing and will incorporate prevocational, vocational and recreational activities in the individual’s day so that he/she has the option to engage in these activities. RAOC will offer a comprehensive group of services for emotionally, physically or intellectually handicapped adults. The services will be flexible and support clients over their lifetime. As RAOC transforms it is introducing the following services to the market:

  • Supported Employment (SE)
  • Day Services Program
  • Transportation Support
  • Training and Certification Programs

At RAOC we strive to provide the highest quality of services and as we grow and evolve, we will remain focused on the individual. We will ensure that every person has the opportunity to live, work and be a part of their community and feel part of a supportive neighborhood for life. There is growing need for Supported Employment (SE) services to help people with disabilities find independence in their community.

RAOC is working hand in hand with the Virginia Department of Aging and Rehabilitative Services (DARS) to provide comprehensive SE services. The SE services are partially funded by DARS and designed to help clients achieve community employment. The SE services include working with clients to:

  • Find out their interests and abilities
  • Work with companies and the community to facilitate exploring their talents
  • Support them with job training and coaching services
  • Job Placement
  • On the job training and supports
  • On-going follow on services and support with concerns and accommodations

Day Services Program

Our goal is to repurpose and upgrade our facility to become a state of the art day support, social and training facility for our clients. RAOC will transition to providing a structured day support for clients to be cared for in a safe neighborhood environment. We will work with clients to help them achieve the social and independence goals that they ask for. We will encourage them to be as independent and active as they can. RAOC will encourage our clients to participate and operate at their highest level of competency and present activities that are appropriate to their needs and abilities. In order to achieve this plan we will upgrade the facility over the next 6-12 months and slowly introduce new programs.

Transportation Services Program

RAOC has always recognized that not all families and clients can arrange transportation to employment or activities. This issue is severely compounded in rural areas that are spread out. RAOC has always helped individuals with their transportation to and from the RAOC facility and jobs. We will continue this service and plan to expand the service as funding becomes available. The ability to travel to a job or around town is a freedom that most of us take for granted. For a large portion of the clients and families we serve, this is an added stressor. Research indicates that when people are unable to access transportation it reduces employment and socialization opportunities and what we like to call the “smile factor”.