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RAOC Supported Employment

RAOC is currently engaged in a critical, market-driven transformation in the ways we serve our 2700 neighbors and friends in Rockbridge County who are Intellectually and Developmentally Disabled. All of RAOC’s resources are now aligned to provide either Supported Employment opportunities for our clients with marketable skills and a passion to work; or, they are being invested to redress urgent unmet needs in the County for respite and Adult Day Services.

Supported Employment Services works to find jobs for persons with disabilities. Our DARS-certified staff works with many businesses and agencies, and focuses on placing individuals who have disabilities.

Our employment specialists and coaches teach skills necessary to get and keep jobs.

Ways we can help:


• We match individuals with employers based on consumer skills and employer needs.
• We provide continued support in the workplace when needed

Our Goal

To develop mutually beneficial relationships between employers and employees.

Our Mission

To open doors to employment opportunities for people who have disabilities.

Our Method

RAOC pre-screens and trains individuals with disabilities who are eager to work. Our job coaches teach employees the skills required for entry-level jobs at your business and ensure they succeed after placement.

Benefits to Employers

•  NO COST to employers.
•  We pre-screen candidates, saving you recruiting and training resources.
•  Our enthusiastic candidates have low turnover rates.
•  Tax benefits for employers are available with the Work Opportunity Tax Credit.
•  We continue to support both employee and employer after the hire.

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